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Welcome to TOP ICON. The goal here is to enter challenges and come out on top. It's similar to a last icon maker standing challenge, but this community gives a more fun and fair approach.

  • Every week there will be a regular challenges. EVERY PARTICIPANT MUST ENTER THESE. The challenges will vary and will test your icon-making skills.
  • There will be optional mini-challenges in which the winner receives extra points to be added on to their score during the regular challenges OR immunity. Remember, these mini-challenges are OPTIONAL. You do not need to enter them if you don't want to.
  • All entries will remain ANONYMOUS until the results are posted.
  • You must participate in EVERY regular challenge. You will be allowed ONE skip (which means you are allowed to miss one challenge, if need be)

  • Anyone can vote (you don't need to participate to vote)
  • The voters pick the winner(s) of the mini challenge
  • Anyone can vote during the regular challenge, as well. The three people with the least amount of votes are marked for elimination.
  • Out of those three people marked for elimination, the judges will decide on one person who we feel did not perform as well as the rest. That person will be eliminated.


    Your judges are:
    {To Be Determined}

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