billy crudup (likegunfire) wrote in topicon,
billy crudup

** I will put up the results later tonight/early tomorrow. But I'm putting up the new challenge now, so you'll have a little extra time to enter.

Challenge Four

- This is not optional; YOU MUST ENTER THIS to stay in, or one of your skips will be taken away
- If you win this challenge, you will win immunity for the next round
- Please submit your entry as a comment to this post (and include the url of your icon)

I have assigned each person a picture. You must make an icon from the picture I assigned you (I assigned them at random). All images are of Madonna.

tankmachine, slodwick, adiaaida, funsized, openasthesky all must use THIS IMAGE

outoftime, iam_lizardqueen, jam_min, brokendartist, fomle all must use THIS IMAGE

blueymcphluey, mangofandango, frodolyn, precious_sin, nowordforit all must use THIS IMAGE

Have your entries in by SATURDAY the 15th my 11:59pm eastern time.
Tags: challenges
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